Corrosive Flux Paste


The flux pastes listed within contain Flux 726 as the active component.  Flux 726 is a corrosive flux containing a mixture of LiCl, NaCl, KCl, inorganic and complex fluorides.  Organic carrier systems are used to manufacture a wide range of pastes for flame brazing aluminum alloys.

Physical Properties

  • Appearance: White paste
    Odor: Weak
    Boiling Range: 230°C
    Melting Range: 515 -630°C
    Flash Point: > 134°C
    Ignition Temperature: 310°C
    PH (20°C): 6-7
    Vapor Pressure (20°C) 0.01 hPa
  • Na 11-12.5%
    K 20-21.5%
    Li 3.5-4.5%
    Al ~ 1%
    Zn 3.5-4.5%
    Cl 51-52%
    F 6.5-8%


Corrosive Flux Pastes are classified as harmful according to current regulations.

Observe usual chemical handling precautions

Please see Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for additional, product specific information


Plastic containers 1kg, 5kg, 10kg, 20kg net weight

Typical Product Type

  • Typical Product Name Comment
    Flux 0726 2zG Standard, for general flame brazing operations
Typical Product Enhancements
  • Viscosity can be varied
  • Corrosive Flux Paste

    Corrosive flux pastes contain our Flux 726, aluminum flame brazing fluxes. Advantages of these flux paste include: lower consumption due to optimal flux application and quick and easy removal of the flux residues

    Products are supplied as ready for use, requiring stirring only. No component mixing is required.

    Corrosive Flux Pastes:

  • Flux 726
  • Organic carrier system
  • Process:

  • Dispense
  • Brush
  • Flame Brazing:
  • Automatic flame braze
  • Manual flame braze
  • Residue Removal:
  • Water shower
  • Water dip
  • Benefits of Corrosive Flux Pastes:
  • Cost competitive product
  • Ease of application using dispensing equipment
  • Consistent flux deposition
  • No concentration monitoring required
  • Creates excellent post braze cosmetics
  • Significantly reduced post braze flux residues
  • Conclusion:

    Corrosive Flux Pastes are well suited to manual and automated facilities for the flame brazing of aluminum materials.

    In addition to the wide range of cost effective corrosive flame brazing products, Flux Schweiß -und Lötstoffe USA, LLC is the leader in fluxing technologies and is continuously developing customer specific solutions to achieve maximum cost benefit in the processing sequence of heat exchange products.